Structural Engineers

Structural engineering focuses on the framework of structure, designing them so that they withstand the pressures of the environment in which they are built.

At Cyber Services Group, our dedicated in-house structural engineering team can help you to design a building that will remain safe, stable and secure throughout its use.How the Cyber Services Structural Engineering Team Help?

How can the Cyber Services Structural Engineering Team Help?

Our Brisbane structural engineers can provide guidance to your existing architects, building designers, developers, homeowners and builders about the structural integrity of plans all the way through to completed projects. No matter what stage of the process you are in, we can provide you with structural design recommendations and specifications for your current project.

Our structural engineers are experienced in forensic engineering and can provide developers, homeowners, builders, body corporates and insurance companies a broad range of services. including examination of building defects, pre-purchase structural assessments, on-site advice, insurance claim assessments, dilapidation surveys and rectification advice.

Our Brisbane Structural Engineering Services

These are some of the services that our Structural Engineers are able to provide:

  • Engineering design, drafting and certification of houses including new houses and residential units up to four storeys.
  • Design, drafting and certification of multi-residential and multi-storey developments including apartments and retirement villages.
  • Commercial structures including offices, shopping centres, libraries, suspended slabs, mezzanine floors.
  • Public buildings including schools, school halls, and special care facilities.
  • Industrial structures such as sheds, warehouses and workshops.
  • Sustainable design solutions that suit modern materials and the local environment.
  • Body corporate and insurance inspections and reports on structural damage and failures including damage assessments, condition audits, slab heave reports and drilling and coring.
  • Recommendations and specifications for structures, repairs and rebuilding.

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