Our Services Don’t Stop at Design, They Start at Design

Cyber Services Group provides a one-stop shop for all your preconstruction needs, including building designers, drafting, soil testing, consulting engineers, energy efficiency reports and creative studios. Our talented and experienced team are happy to take the hassle out of the approval process and gather all your documentation for you whether it is your first project, or you’re a seasoned builder.

Expert Local Advice

We are a family owned and operated Queensland business with over 15 years experience. South East Queensland and Northern NSW is our specialty, and our knowledge of council legislation and regulations in these areas is second to none. While most of our customers are in South East Queensland and Northern NSW, we are licenced to provide services Australia-Wide and have completed projects in every state and territory.

Proudly Different

Cyber Services Group can provide a one of a kind service where we can provide 80% of your preconstruction requirements in-house for most projects, and organise the remaining 20% through our trusted suppliers. Through our many years of experience the most common feedback we have from our clients and builders is that having everything under one roof keeps critical timeframes in check so that jobs can be delivered on time. In most projects, you could expect to have to engage anywhere between 5 and 15 consultants just to get you to the construction starting line. Our specialty is handling those consultants on your behalf for that one-stop-shop experience. The benefits include better timeframes, no nasty surprises, less stress and a single point of contact.