Granny Flat Designs

Looking into granny flat designs? With a combination of increased housing prices, home owners wanting to make the most of their block and recent legislative changes favouring “secondary dwellings”, there’s no doubt the humble granny flat is having its moment in the sun. And they are far from the tired looking shed-like structures of yesteryear.

Today’s granny flat designs can be an example of sophisticated, modern living that is achievable even within a small space. At Cyber Services Group your granny flat design will meet sustainable living guidelines and provide you with a space that compliments your existing home and meets your needs in terms of function and budget. There’s no need to head down the road of an off the shelf design, with Cyber Services Group you can have the design that you want, that suits your lifestyle with plans that will give you the flexibility to source and engage a builder of your choice.

Granny Flats That Suit Your Needs

Breaking Through Council’s Red Tape With differences in legislation varying between local government areas our teams are able to provide advice on what you can achieve within your budget to ensure your project meets your expectations. We also have trusted teams of town planners we look to for expert advice on more complex secondary dwelling scenarios across South East Queensland so that you will be completely aware of what lies ahead to get you build ready. So, if you have been considering the addition of a granny flat or converting an existing area of your home to create more space for the family or as a way to create an additional income stream, give our teams in either our Brisbane or Gold Coast offices a call. We’ll provide granny flat designs that suit your needs.