Cyber Creative Studios

The team at Creative Studios specialises in visualisation packages for all industries related to the built environment.

These packages can be presented in all media formats, including animation, 360-degree panoramic images, self-guided virtual tours, and 2D and 3D floor plans and renders. Our multi-talented team was established by building designers, meaning we are passionate about excellence and strive to find the best way to represent any structure.

Realistic Visualisations

The core service we provide at Creative Studios is realistic visualisations for the built environment. Our list of services includes animation, 3d internal and external façade impressions, marketing floor plans, self-guided virtual tours and 360-degree panoramic images.

We cater to builders and developers, real estate agencies, town planners, interior designers and architects looking to sell their product to their client. However, something extra we offer is the ability to provide professional design consultation to private property owners.

Our lead CGI artist and building designer will work with you to both design and visualise your next renovation or brand-new build, whether it be material and colour selection or changing the façade entirely.

We appreciate that every building is different, and presentation can make or break a sale. Therefore, we take time to explore the different perspectives of the buildings features and look for ways to accentuate them, composing each scene so that it feels natural, aesthetic, and interesting. To make every project feel unique we model every built element from scratch in house and include every bit of detail necessary for realism.

We also produce an original score for every animation, taking each presentation to the next level.

How Can We Help You?


Builders, are you looking for a cheaper way to present your homes? Virtually modelling and staging a house will have the same visual impact as a display home – but for a fraction of the cost. We can even create a virtual tour using Oculus Rift virtual reality goggles, completely immersing potential buyers into the environment. We also offer standard external and internal 3D impressions, as well as 2D marketing floor plans which are essential for new builders looking to establish or refresh their own standard range of plans.

Developers, is there a block of land just waiting to be subdivided or developed? We can help sell this idea by creating your marketing package complete with stunning realistic impressions. We can send drones up to capture city and ocean views, and we can source and build unique furniture and materials, all in the name of hitting the right target market.

Planners, are you nervous your next DA submission will be rejected by council because you’re not confident in the building plans presentation? If so, we offer very affordable and fast turn arounds on sketch-style façade impressions that accompany a development application. Dealing with council on heritage and traditional building character homes can often be quite a tedious and lengthy process. Supplying an attractive, accurate impression in the form of a sketch will put your best foot forward to council, without breaking the bank.

Property Owners

Mums and dads, are you looking to raise the house and build in under, but you’re not sure if the brick you want will match the existing weatherboards? Let us show you! We can virtually recreate your existing house exactly the way it is, so you can see for yourself how your proposed extension will complement or contrast the existing structure. We can show you various colour pallets, cladding options, and landscaping options. Weather its for a brand-new home, an internal kitchen renovation, or an extension, we can show you what you’ll be building before you build it!