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Can you do it here?

Trending Tuesday!!! What kid wouldn’t love this modern cubby house? The gorgeous New York farm setting is the perfect spot for this 2 level, 350sq ft/32.5sqm playhouse!

But could you build this under the current BCA (Building Code of Australia)? And more importantly, do you really need to go through the building approval process just for a cubby house?

Well the good news is you can definitely build this cubby house under the BCA! But….. as it is over 10sqm you will need to go through the building approval process which means you will need to supply documentation to the certifier including plans, engineering etc just as you would a standard house build.

Want to avoid the building approval process but not disappoint the kiddos? Then you need to keep the space under 10sqm (including overhang), keep the height under 2.4m and have no side longer than 5m.

To see more pics of this little beauty click the link below?…/