The Future is Here!

Are you ready though?

The biggest trend that our Brissy based Building Designer Ashton noticed at the recent Brisbane Home Show was the building of iHomes.  He’s quick to point out though “not a Galaxay Home because they blow up!” – we love this guys sense of humour!

So we’ve scoured the internet for just some of the latest products and reviews on home automation.  That’s right people the technology is here and it’s coming at us faster than ever.

Smart devices can detect when you’ve left home and will turn off lights & air conditioning, close blinds and make sure things are locked and when you return home (in fact before you even pull in the driveway) it will turn it all back on again and have a coffee ready for when you walk in the door!

It’s all capable because of what techies call Geofencing; in layman’s terms it’s an invisible boundary around your neighbourhood that recognizes when you approach.  And when you cross that invisible line well that’s when the magic happens.


Keep reading if you want to know what the future holds….

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