Sustainable House Day – 150 Homes Open This Sunday!

With so much talk about climate change, emissions trading, global warming and those ever increasing power costs the environment and our impact on it is never far from our minds. Sustainable living is a practical, and easy to understand way that all homeowners can contribute to a greener planet.

For more than 10 years, Sustainable House Day has provided a great opportunity for hundreds of thousands of people to visit some of Australia’s leading green homes – ones that are not only environmentally friendly, but cheaper to run and more comfortable to live in.

Sustainable House Day aims “to provide an enjoyable, informative day that contributes to personal and community awareness of sustainable living”, so why not open the door to sustainable living by touring some of Australia’s most environmentally progressive homes on show at Sustainable House Day on Sunday 13 September.

With 150 homes open around the country this Sunday from 10am – 4pm see what’s open in your area.

You do have to register on the Sustainable House Day website to be able to view these homes.

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