Commercial Fit-Out Designers

Cyber Services Group offers an expert range of solutions for your drafting and building design needs

Cyber Services Group provides complete solutions for your commercial fit out by offering drafting, building design and preconstruction documentation preparation. While renovation and refurbishment can be viewed as more of a cost than income, it’s an investment that can pay off despite the expenses incurred.  Drawing in more customers with a contemporary, inviting space will not only create a solid first impression with new customers but will have your workforce invigorated making them excited about being in the business and in turn yielding you increased sales. By involving Cyber Services Group in the planning stages we can work with you to minimise the disruption and associated down time during your commercial fit out by planning around your employees and their requirements, being aware of the job function, traffic flow and employee numbers whilst still catering for any future growth in the design.


With a responsibility to provide your employees with a safe working environment, we’ll ease your stress as the business owner/manager by ensuring all building code and relevant workplace health and safety legislation is met including disability access requirements and emergency exits.  All while taking into account your need for functionality, productivity, ease of maintenance and cleaning. We know businesses often immediately think about the refurbishment costs and how it can disrupt business operations but remember a renovation is actually a good thing.  It can not only be an indication of business growth but can also be a starting point of greater things to come for the business. Your office or shop space is an integral part of your company, it is the face of your business.


As part of our service to you we can also provide you with a 3D walk through of your plans so you’ll be sure you are getting what you want.  This also enables you to make changes to the commercial fit out plans before it’s too late and too costly. Whether you are moving into new premises or renovating your existing office or shop space our talented team will help you maximise the potential of your space while reducing the fit out and refurbishment costs.  We can provide all of these services while maintaining the integrity of your vision and achieving the results you desire.

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