Child Care Centre Design

Whether you’re after a new custom child care centre design or are looking to renovate or extend your existing building, Cyber Services Group offers a solution to fill your needs.

Child Care Centre Designers Brisbane & Gold Coast


Originally established in 2004, Cyber Services Group has been operating offices both in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast since 2007. Our experienced team now led by Rich Templeton, offers specialist building designers who understand the unique requirements of the child care industry.


At Cyber Services Group, we pride ourselves on excellence. We operate within a culture of service perfection, and are here to ensure that your centre’s philosophy is translated into a structurally sound, aesthetically pleasing and intelligently designed building which exceeds expectations. We think about how your centre operates and works with both management and your operations team to ensure your centre can cater for the maximum number of places in compliance with the National Quality Framework.


We consider spatial awareness and connectivity between spaces, whilst taking into account environmental and sustainability issues. Above all, we want to work with you to achieve the best outcomes, with a smooth and hassle-free experience that is achieved on time and within your budget.


To assist with the child care centre design, we can also take care of all the necessary preconstruction documentation, handling your project from concept to construction!

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