Energy Assessment

Whether you are after the minimum 6-star rating required or you would like your home to achieve superior energy efficiency and help you save money on those ever increasing electricity costs, our professional team of energy assessors are here to help you. The choice is yours!

With many already embracing sustainable building with the results yielding cheaper heating and cooling costs along with a more comfortable home to live in it makes sense that the ideal home should incorporate some basic principles of sustainability when renovating and or building a new home.

And while we sometimes feel like we are being hit over the head with the green stick, in the age of climate change and extreme weather patterns federal and state governments now require that houses and multi-unit dwellings meet certain environmental standards with energy reports to be supplied to verify this.

Under the National Construction Code (formerly the Building Code of Australia) all homes must meet a minimum of 6 star rating, in a system that is rated from 0 to 10. With certifiers requiring an energy report in order to release a building approval enabling construction to commence and legislation varying slightly from State to State, our nationally accredited energy efficiency assessor will ensure your home meets the requirements and that the report is supplied in a format that can be easily assessed by any certifier or Council.

NatHERS Assessment

Cyber Energy can provide a full energy report including NatHERS Universal Certificate within 72hrs of receiving your plans!  After the initial assessment if your plans are not meeting the minimum energy efficiency requirements don’t worry our assessors can assist with product selection and review your design offering expert advice on how to get you there.



And if you are wanting a home that meets the higher end of the rating scale to maximise its efficiency then call us to discuss the range of passive design features including house orientation, room configuration and ventilation as well as products such as building materials and insulation that will see you exceed the minimum 6-star rating.


The building Sustainability Index (BASIX) requirements apply to all residential dwelling types and are part of the development application process in NSW. BASIX is one of the strongest sustainable planning measures to be undertaken in Australia. 

In NSW, there are BASIX requirements for water and energy usage and thermal comfort and performance that apply to:

  • all new residential dwellings.
  • alterations and additions to dwellings that cost $50,000 or more.
  • swimming pools of 40,000 litres or more. 



Our Energy Assessors:

If you’re a project builder or certifier call Marcus, Daryl or Mitch to discuss our competitive
pricing structure on 07 5559 0990. We’ll have you saving on your project costs
whilst providing you with a quality report.