Celebrating Frank Lloyd Wright’s 150th!

Here's some of our teams favourite Frank Lloyd Wright buildings!

Wright designed more than a thousand structures during a career, here’s some of the teams favourites…..

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Fallingwater, built between 1936 – 1939

“I love Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water House. It’s probably his most famous house. It is built over a waterfall and blends perfectly into its surrounds. It became famous when Time Magazine published it in 1938 and has influenced a lot of architecture since with thousands of people visiting it every year. Apparently his clients were disappointed when they first saw the concept because they couldn’t see the waterfall from inside the house, but Frank insisted that the house should be ‘one’ with its environment.”
Simon, Building Designer Gold Coast Office

“This is his only decent one!”
Rob, Director

“This house would be most people’s affiliation with Frank Lloyd Wright as it should be, for one person to have so much foresight back in early to mid 20th century still astounds me, any architecture of his still fits in to today’s way of thinking & design and who would want a river running under “their house, make for good sleeping.”
Rich, Branch Manager, Brisbane

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Frank Lloyd Wright’s home

“His house / studio is an eclectic masterpiece – I love the rustic, eclectic fusion of architectural styles and natural building elements. It was his drawing board.”
Daryl, Building Designer Gold Coast Office

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Guggenheim Museum

“Visiting NY several times this is always one place I go back to not only is the building amazing the art that it houses speaks for itself as well, a must visit for all.”
Rich, Branch Manager Brisbane Office

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Walter Gale House

“The Walter Gale House – now that’s a majestic street front!”
Daryl, Building Designer Gold Coast Office

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The Frederic C. Robie House

“Frank Lloyd Wright first became known for his Prairie Style of architecture which incorporated low pitched roofs, overhanging eaves, a central chimney, and open floor plans which, he believed was the antidote to the confined, closed-in architecture of the Victorian era.  A modern Architect with timeless designs, all of which Architects of today have copied in some way or another to create our ‘Fashion’ Architecture as we see today!  I love the long sleek thin lines he designs using a variety of materials, and incorporating large cantilevered roofs & floors, to give the building a feel of lightness, but also resembling a strong well-constructed structure. He was never afraid of thinking outside the box, and trying something new – if only people of today where not blinded by designs that are based on budget & the fashion Police!
Lee, Building Designer Gold Coast