Aussie Hamptons vs The Real Deal

It’s no wonder Aussies are choosing The Hamptons feel for their home.  Whether it’s a new home or renovation we are bringing our own take to this traditional American style.  Complementing both coastal and country settings The Hamptons light neutral colour palette and masculine features such as thick posts and trims are becoming increasing popular.

Hamptons Chic Right Here on the Gold Coast design by Bianca Gemmill, Cyber Drafting Gold Coast Office


But how does it compare to the real deal?  Our fearless leader Rich, took a recent “research” trip to the Big Apple and headed out to the villages and hamlets that make up this community that is known as a summer playground and weekend refuge for wealthy New Yorkers.


The most striking feature of the traditional Hamptons’ homes is the high-pitched rooves that are clad in wood shingles.  Stained brown or simply allowed to weather to that stunning coastal light grey colour you won’t find many homes in this community that don’t have this traditional look.

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In comparison to the Aussie take on this style you’ll also find that The Hamptons homes are in fact not open plan with designated rooms still a feature that will however often create darker spaces.  The multiple large windows, thick posts and trims complete this traditional and classic architecture.

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While you will find the occasional modern take on this style within The Hamptons community these are most certainly the exception not the rule with strict planning guidelines in place to preserve the charm and privacy of homes in this exclusive area.  You may (or may not) be surprised to know that there isn’t even a local McDonalds in The Hamptons, you’ll need to take a leisurely 45min drive to fulfill your craving for a Big Mac.

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At Cyber we understand that it is the climate and Australian lifestyle that is dictating the differences between the traditional American Hamptons look and the Aussie take on this popular style.  When given “The Hamptons” brief from clients we can often merge a modern, contemporary home design with the timeless, classic interiors of The Hamptons to give clients the homely feel they are looking for.