Our Mission, Culture & Values

At Cyber Drafting we'll have you living better by design! Helping Australian families improve their lifestyles through our passionate and dedicated design team.

While we are passionate about good design at Cyber Drafting & Design we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We create an environment that supports our team culture by engaging with clients and staff in a way that promotes a stress free, dare we say it … fun atmosphere. And while words like supportive, inclusive, honesty, passionate and innovative are often thrown around in business at Cyber Drafting & Design they are our guiding principles in having you living better by design.

At Cyber we pride ourselves on excellence. We operate within a professional and ethical atmosphere designing innovative spaces that exceed client’s expectations. A culture of continuous improvement ensures our talented team remain at the forefront of our industry allowing them to offer you expert advice when it comes to your project.

Where Cyber shines is in the way we connect with our clients and just as importantly connect with our staff. Just as we actively seek direct involvement from our clients, encouraging honest and open feedback our staff know that they too are encouraged to offer honest and open feedback on the business’s operations and ways in which we can improve our systems and service. This environment of open communication flows directly into how our team approaches the details of your project, always giving you power through knowledge so you can make the best decision in terms of design, function and budget.

Trust & Flexibility
As a family run business Cyber’s staff are given flexibility to manage that often elusive work/life balance so that their family can remain their focus. We trust in our staff’s strong work ethic to not only create exceptional designs but to also manage their own workflow and clients –it’s why we only hire the best people to handle your dream home.

Staff Opportunity
Our staff are not only our employees they are our teammates. We invest in our staff providing them opportunities to grow within the business and reward our team’s success. Our teammates are our key decision makers their involvement offers insight into the real workings of our company and provide us the greatest opportunity to improve.